Christmas contemplations

Yesterday was Christmas. Today, I am sitting by the front window of my living room, gazing at the Christmas tree and listening to a steady rain outside mix with soft, instrumental music playing inside. I can also hear the faint ringing of the front porch wind chimes. To me, the best natural and man-made music invite contemplation.

Laura's Creative Cottage. Merry Christmas Poinsettia. Illustration. Christmas card.
Merry Christmas Poinsettia. Mixed media illustration by Laura Chalk.

As I seek to become more of the person God created me to be, a person in His image, I consider if, in the past year, I have invested enough time:

Loving myself and others.

Forgiving myself and others.

Practicing loving-kindness toward myself and others.

Focusing on my blessings.

Growing as a person.

Speaking up for the marginalized.

Honoring myself and others.

In prayer and gratitude.



Today’s blog is short, and I am recycling an illustration made several weeks ago. Today is a day of quiet contemplation. May we all consider how we can grow and become more loving, joyful and peaceful in the coming year.