As the sun broke last Saturday morning, I wrote the poem included in this blog post. I finished the poem and put it down to do some laundry and a little cleaning. I’ve found it best to write to a place of completion, put it down and then come back later with fresh eyes. Once I came back to review, I made a few adjustments.

Morning Visit. Laura Chalk. Laura's Creative Cottage. Mixed media illustration.
Morning Visit. Mixed media illustration by Laura Chalk.

When finished, I looked up from my work and out the window. The sun had risen enough to light the entire sky with its mid-morning slant. Two of my neighbors were on opposites sides of a rustic, unpainted picket fence, one leaning on a walker and the other sitting on a wooden stool, both buttoned and zipped against the chill but having a leisurely conversation punctuated by hand gestures. They were awash with the morning light. The humble scene was something the hurried would easily overlook, but the kind of thing my eyes gravitate toward. I love the simple grace that is all around us to enjoy if we take notice.

Look around you with new eyes and in a new way. What beauty do you see?


Wonder awakes with daybreak;
Dawn stretches the edges of a
Dreamlike mind.
Light attracts its kind,
Reflects, draws, extends
The breadth of time.
Beauty seeks the sublime,
Rushing its tides
To meet those attuned
To the grace they find
In the texture of trees,
The song on the breeze,
The scent of petals,
And in winter’s freeze.
Abundance is never forced;
It is received.

– Laura Chalk