Laura's Creative Cottage. Laura Chalk.
Laura Chalk, creative writer, illustrator and jazz vocalist.

Beauty is all around us

Take a walk in the quiet morning as the sun starts to lighten the sky. Inhale the dewy coolness and watch as the first rays burst over the horizon. Stroke a rubbery leaf and feel the ground under your feet.

When we take the time to notice the beauty around us, we appreciate the miracle of being right here, right now; the miracle of being alive. It is in these moments that we connect more easily with ourselves and our Creator. Strengthening these connections brings clarity, purpose, peace and joy to our lives.

My Story

I have always been a lover of nature, people, writing and art.

As a child, I often lay on the ground to watch clouds roll by, took walks through my mother’s and grandmother’s gardens to enjoy the color and fragrance of flowers, walked trails in the neighborhood park, and slipped down to the creek where I hopped across protruding rocks and crouched down to touch the silky water. I have always felt closer to myself and to God in the quiet of nature.

Also when a child, I noticed that while I enjoyed being around and talking with people, I would have to slip away to recharge. If my parents took me to the mall, I’d enjoy the sights, sounds and smells, but often felt frazzled once we left. Once, at around eight or nine years old, I stood in the middle of a crowd and realized I felt the energy and emotions of the people around me. Many years later, I learned this meant that I was an empath.

I am the mother of three beautiful, grown children and the survivor of debilitating domestic violence. My highest goals are to be the person God created me to be, to become a blessing to others. and to bring more of God’s light into the world through my writing and art. I desire to inspire, uplift and encourage others on their own journeys.

I want you to know that you are special and worthy of love. You are unique and have gifts that only you can give the world. You are here for a reason.

An invitation

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