Look Up

Our alarm clocks chirp us awake. We hit the ground running, it seems. So much on our lists, to do and to be. We rush from one thing to the next, focus on what is in front. Concerns may swirl in our heads.

If we’re not careful, we are pulled out of peace.

Let’s take a breath, be at ease, balance demands with our soul-needs. A fresh perspective will enhance our life-dance. How to start? Look up; awe the expanse.

Laura Chalk. Laura's Creative Cottage. Clouds. Big sky.
Color Me Clouds. Mixed media illustration by Laura Chalk.

Look Up

Look up, my dear.
Gaze upon the shifting sky.
It lifts, alights, rides
Waves of color.
It is the same,
But blows its change.
Take your brush;
Follow its rush.
Let your cheeks blush,
Your heart race
In its graceful embrace.
It shows and sings
For your eyes and ears.
Do you see?
Do you hear?

-Laura Chalk